Our clients

Electrade SpA is an international electricity trader active on the main European markets since 2006. It’s geographical and sector diversification has enabled it to gain a prominent position on the new international energy and green markets. ClimaXmi has built a sound business partnership with Electrade since 2011 by origination of qualified pre-2012 and post-2012 CDM projects for Electrade. During the cooperation,  ClimaXmi conducted many legal due diligence reports and drafted bilingual contract and agreements for Electrade.
Radio Netherlands Worldwide --- the Dutch international public broadcaster, providing millions of people around the world with independent news, current affairs and service information, 24 hours a day on radio, television and internet... ClimaXmi’s founder regularly contributes to environmental related Chinese articles for RNW.
Transitions helps companies, organisations and institutions make the necessary TRANSITIONS towards sustainability, by providing clients with strategic advice and engineering and communication skills to impulse, drive and implement the necessary evolutions in production systems, consumption and organisation patterns. ClimaXmi has firmed a close working ally with TRANSITIONS on Sustainability and CSR projects.
L’Oréal --- the world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company and reaches out to more than 1 billion consumers all around the world. For a number of years now, L’Oréal has been developing a sophisticated sustainable development strategy that covers all of its activities. Climaxmi helped organizing a global stakeholders forum, with meetings around the world (London, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, New York, Beijing, Durban – in 2011) to comment on the group commitments and get inputs to improve L’Oréal’s sustainability strategy.
The Carrefour group is the world's 2nd largest and Europe's largest retailer, with currently more than 9500 stores in 32 countries. Depending on the country, 90% to 95% of products sold in their stores come from local producers and manufacturers. ClimaXmi assisted an independent investigation for Carrefour to identify potential non-GMO and non-deforestation standards or labelling systems of production channels for soy used in Carrefour-brand products by setting up stakeholder meetings and field research in China.
MAMA Sustainable Incubation A.G. --- provides integral solutions for sustainable business models by start-up funding, strategic and structured company building (e. g. optimizing business cases, marketing, sales, sustainability consulting). For this MAMA draws on its extended international network of experts and investors. ClimaXmi’s founder takes a seat as an Advisory Board member for MAMA.
The Global Climate Forum (GCF) is an association of institutes, companies, NGOs and individual researchers, working in the network of governments, corporations and social movements that has formed around the issue of climate change by embedding GCF’s research in long-term stakeholder dialogues. ClimaXmi’s founder is a member of GCF.
Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies Chinese Academy of Social Sciences --- the highest academic research organization in the fields of philosophy and social sciences as well as a national centre for comprehensive studies in the People’s Republic of China. ClimaXmi and CASS have formed a partnership on climate change, renewable energy and China’s ETS related research.
China Guodian Corporation --- one of the five largest nationwide power generation groups approved by the State Council of China in the power industry restructuring, mainly engaging in the development, investment, construction, operation and management of power generation, and the sales of power (and heat). ClimaXmi provided consultancy and conducted Due Diligence reports Guodian Corporation.
The APCF --- a trust fund established and managed by ADB on behalf of fund participants. It became operational in May 2007 and is part of ADB’s ongoing Carbon Market Program (CMP), which provides financial and technical support for CDM projects. ClimaXmi conducted Pre-Verification report for ADB’s LFG projects.

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