Legal Consulting

Challenges and opportunities come together with the development and expansion of international, regional and national law and regulations.

CXI offers legal consultancy within the area of renewable energy regulation and climate laws, as well as policy guidance for governments, NGOs and commercial companies to keep up with new legal development. Our professional experience in observing international climate negotiation, as well as our expertise in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), managing offsetting projects cycles, legal research of technology transfers and M&A of in environmental assets projects in Europe and China, bring us confidence to provide tailor-made professional legal services to our clients.

CXI provides a wide range of legal services include:

Law-booksInternational Public / Environmental Law

  • Consultation on rules and procedures under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol
  • Structuring Green Energy Investment Schemes and CERs/VERs/CCERs transactions
  • Supporting the cross-country technology transfer process to address climate change

Company Law / Trading Law Investment Law

  • Providing tailor-made legal structure, drafting contracts and supporting negotiation for multinational companies/organizations doing international trading and oversea investment
  • Conducting legal due diligence and credit check reports for companies in doing international trading and oversea investment
  • Providing legal advice with tailor-made legal contracts and managing whole process for environmental-friendly companies to establish oversea legal entities


Finance / M&A 

Finance is the one of the key elements for technology innovation, energy revolution and socio-economic development in modern society.

CXI is capable of raising capital for innovative sustainable technologies, arranging carbon finance and equity investment for qualified environmental friendly projects like CDM projects, VCS and Gold Standard offset projects, etc. Our close relationship with funding institutions and broad network with innovative and green project owners will smooth the match-making and lead to win-win-win.Money-plant

Our finance services include:

  • Recommending assessed innovative technology or projects to suitable funds
  • Structuring, identifying and securing project finance
  • Assessing the value of the environmental-friendly projects
  • Identifying and advice investment opportunities and risks management for international, regional and national funds



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